Scottish-Hellenic Society events are held on Tuesdays at 5.15pm in Swallowgate 11 (S11), School of Classics, unless otherwise specified. Please arrive 5-10 minutes ahead of the starting time, and note that the door in the Swallowgate building will close at 5.15pm.

Programme 2017-2018

October 17th

DOUGLAS FORSYTH (St Andrews), Cycladic Vineculture and Wine-making in Ancient and Modern Times: A wine-tasting event.

November 16th

DR SCOTT TIMPANY (Archaeology program leader, UHI), Woodlands under the Waves: Investigating submerged forests in the Northern and Western Isles of Scotland. – Jointly with the Archaeological Society

February 6th

DR ABIGAIL GRAHAM (University of Warwick), Reinscribing History: Does the condemnation of monument remove a memory or immortalise a failure?

February 27th

DR DAWN HOLLIS (St Andrews), ‘The plain and truest proof of its own nature’: The Perception and Reception of Mount Etna from Antiquity to the Eighteenth Century.

March 6th

PROF IOANNIS XYDOPOULOS (Aristotle University of Thessaloniki), The Macedonian expansion in the 7th and 6th centuries BC.

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