Sounds of the Hellenic World, Ancient and Modern (KCL, 4-5 July)

The Department of Classics, the Centre for Hellenic Studies and the Department of Music at King’s College London are delighted to announce ‘SOUNDS OF THE HELLENIC WORLD, ANCIENT AND MODERN’ (4-5 JULY 2016), an afternoon and evening celebrating the musical traditions of Greece, followed by a morning workshop on music and the current crisis in Greece.

The event is organized with the collaboration of the Onassis Cultural Centre and the Athens Conservatoire.


It is a special pleasure to welcome to King’s College London

– the SOKRATIS SINOPOULOS QUARTET in their first appearance in the UK, and

– the poet ALICIA (A.E.) STALLINGS (MacArthur Fellow) for the keynote lecture and a reading of poetry



Roderick Beaton (Director, Centre for Hellenic Studies, KCL)

Armand D’Angour (Oxford)

William Fitzgerald (Classics, KCL)

Korina Giaxoglou (Open University)

Dionysis Kapsalis (poet and Director, Cultural Foundation of the National Bank, Athens)

Pavlos Kavouras (University of Athens)

Katerina Levidou (Centre for Hellenic Studies, KCL)

Maria Margaronis (journalist)

Emily Pillinger (Classics, KCL)

Dimitrios Skyllas (composer)

Martin Stokes (Music, KCL)

Polina Tambakaki (Centre for Hellenic Studies, KCL)

Philippos Tsalahouris (composer, Athens Conservatoire)

Nikos Tsouchlos (President, Athens Conservatoire)


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